Saturday, April 26, 2008

work in progress

Well. Since my last posting, my husband received word that he GOT the job! That was Thursday. And I've lost my cell phone (same day) so I don't have numbers for a bunch of the people I'd like to call with the good news.
I haven't set aside this piece despite the past six weeks of abyssmal tension -- six weeks of trying to help, getting angry, feeling selfish, and unfortunately some weepy short-tempered gracelessness that gradually gave way to a sense of resignation, if not genuine peace. Most of my good energy had to be channeled into my husband and son, as much as I'm able to do that, and I learned a couple things - one, that I needed this experience in order to find out how well I maintain balance under pressure over time (not a five-star rating this time, I'm afraid); two, that there is a level of support I can provide for my husband without it tripping his pride mechanism, though it's a subtle operation.

So I'm painting the text piece, to increase its continuity with the background and relieve some of the horizontal tension it presents. I've done a fair amount of machine quilting, and have started hand-quilting and applique at various spots, as well as some tentative beading in one section. I ripped out a bunch of text on the reveal, and re-wrote that. And just today I stumbled across some erotic symbolism that will work GREAT with this piece because it doesn't involve any nudity or obvious cliches. I'm giving thought to a central figure, a "diver" in kind of a bas-relief doll form (I have a woman's torso shape made of bone that I bought at a bead shop in south Minneapolis, as well as a pair of bronze hands; I found a flattish mask pin at the nearby thrift store that I can rework into a face. I don't know if the figure is a good idea yet, but I'll sketch something out and see how it fits.)

Things are better. Pretty soon I'll get a bicycle, apply for grad school, buy some seeds for the garden and start teeball on Monday nights with my son. My husband is relaxing gradually -- he actually slept through the night last night -- and has allowed as how it might be nice if we went to dinner in a week or two. And so it goes.

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