Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

New year, new leaf. Some goals:
Make new friends
Pursue my art career with greater intention
Spend less time on Facebook
Bake and cook more with my kid
Be more visionary, more aggressive with my ideas
Look for ways to delight my family
Drink less wine
Embrace everyone more often (as much as I can get away with anyway...)

My life hangs on several points of tension and delicacy, like a spiderweb, which sometimes seems fraught with peril and other times quite lovely. Am I the spider, the weaver? Am I the fly? Probably both...

...and now I'm reminded of that strange and funny Joan Osborne song, "Spiderwebs."
I dreamed about Ray Charles last night
and he could see just fine.

A random tune to start the year.

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