Wednesday, October 27, 2010

... or perhaps just a tad sooner.
I love autumn, because I look best in fall fashions, fall colors, long coats and funny hats. And BOOTS. I am coveting a pair of yellow Fluevogs at the moment (blame WendyB for this, she posted a link to their website and I went surfing down yonder for the first time, now I'm panting over several pair...) My concerns about these: one, the brown heel (I'd prefer black); two, the buckles (what color are they? Silver I hope...) Never mind the price. And three, what would I wear with them?

Last week, I threw caution to the wind and wore my black 3-inch heel patent-leather Aerosoles (the ones my kid picked out) to work. With my Astounding Stockings (no photo, sorry), the nude-colored ones with the criss-cross black "laces" up the front and back, stockings that always generate compliments from older men (even pastors attending clergy luncheons!) And a short skirt. Yes, I took my legs to work with me, and was not disappointed by the feedback (including some good-natured ribbing from young Mike the security contractor, who scorned my impractical shoes in a clearly admiring sort of way.) I had to finish the day in flats though -- my poor feet gave out around 2pm.

The POINT here, however, is that the Astounding Stockings would not look so good with these boots -- in fact, none of my best stockings would. What sort of hosiery (etc) should be worn with yellow leather and brown heels? I don't want to be stuck wearing jeans as the only option here... any ideas? Are these boots made for slacks only? I won't buy them if they necessitate a major wardrobe adjustment.

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WendyB said...

I'd just wear them with black!