Friday, June 13, 2008

shower drama - "As the Drain Clogs"

Today has not been terribly productive, and I blame my shower.

So I'm standing under the spray this morning, washing my hair, doing the usual rundown: scenes from the night before that are still bugging me, things I have to talk myself out of thinking about or feeling, moments that made me happy yesterday, remarks I evidently misinterpreted since the real (obvious) meaning is just now dawning on me (this pertains to emails and comments from others, generally.) And then, things I'm ashamed of; items from the news that upset me; and reasons to stop acting like an idiot. My morning constitutional. Every day it's the same, unless I skip my shower.

I'm kind of tired of this routine.

Yesterday I took a bath instead, and it was a nice experience. I did the whole thing in reverse: washed my face, did my hair, THEN had a bath. Took the same amount of time, but was much more relaxing. It gave me the chance to think about the ten pounds I've lost (as of my doctor's visit Wednesday) and the nice bike ride I had Tuesday morning. It also reminded me that the tub needs to be cleaned again.

I wasn't as stressed yesterday as I could have been, given the evening panel discussion and the pertinent details -- maybe the bath takes the credit. This morning it was back to the grind, with the added attraction of the boys being at home and impatient for me to get ready for work, so they could drop me off and head for the book store. Hurry up. "Don't forget to put the hair trap over the drain." So this morning I'm not terribly competent, not as smart as I think I am, not as pretty as some guys' wives. MAN IS THIS DUMB! How can so much of my day hinge on whether I shower or bathe?

This must be one of those irritating chick habits that men are always raging about. The need for a really great ablution experience each morning. Wish I could just get baptized every morning, before I wash my hair. Maybe if the water had a purpose besided improving my body, I could focus on my inner peace and spiritual well-being.


Today has not been a productive day.

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