Tuesday, June 24, 2008

sick again

The weekend started out pretty well, and included some summertime fun with the kid. Seen below, a few trips to the pool near our home, where new friends are made (including chiggers, if one sits too long in the sand, apparently. Poor kid.) Also, notice HT taking a quick break from riding his FIRST BIKE EVER in order to relieve the stress of it all by popping some bubble wrap -- he was careful to "wear" this bubble wrap mit on one hand for quite a while, in case the need to pop were suddenly to come over him.

And yet... I fell ill mid-weekend. I can't remember the last time I rode this roller coaster of crap -- I think I have a lighter version of the same flu I recovered from more than a week ago. For some perspective on this, the last time I was really ill I also fell on a rainy sidewalk and tore up my knee -- the knee is still healing right now, still has a scab on it, and I'm sick again.

It's unusual for me, such a slow-down. That paired with other recent events and visions makes me wonder if the message here isn't exactly that -- Slow Down -- pay attention, to yourself and to others, to the world around. If so, my impulse is to resent such a thing -- work was, you guessed it, kind of crazy again this week with food shelf traffic and our other admin person out with a sick child. I was really frayed by Friday. What can I do?

On the bright side -- hmm. I'm glad things aren't worse. I might have to take a day off soon, though tomorrow isn't the day to do it. I desperately need to finish my current art project, and get it off my plate -- I'd love to try something new.

I'll have something more insightful to say tomorrow, maybe. Thanks for putting up with my whining...

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iamonhold said...

what's a chigger? are they only in minnesota? do i have to worry about them here? do they wear heals?