Sunday, August 3, 2008

Aztec Dancers - as promised

A few of the dozen snapshots from the Ketzal Coatlique performance this past Saturday at Logan Park:
The performers make their own costumes after studying the appropriate references, though their spokesperson (on drum) explained that "trends change, and artists change." The feathers (including some Chinese pheasant feathers that must have been five or six feet long) are hand-stitched into head-pieces by the dancers; the costumes include a variety of materials, some inexpensive, though obvious attention went into the construction. The leader delivered her introductions and info in both Spanish and English. It was every bit as engaging as watching U.S. Native American performances, the beauty of the choreography matching the costumes' appeal. Maybe more interesting for me, since I'd never seen this particular type of dance before.

(I heard from the guy who booked them that at a different sort of event, they have also presented historical reenactments of traditional Mayan rituals -- Joel mentioned human sacrifice and made reference to the most recent Mel Gibson-produced flick, Apocalypto. Makes me wonder what sort of event calls for it, not that I'm much interested.)


Eva M. said...

I have seen these dancers perform before and I was wondering if you knew the name of their organization or who to get in touch with to book them?

Jennifer S. said...

Hi Eva,
I can give you some contact information, either directly to them or to the last person I work with who booked them - please send me an email at so I can email you back. Thanks!