Saturday, August 9, 2008

another trip to the market

What do you eat for breakfast on a Farmer's Market Saturday morning?
First you have a big cup of coffee, because it's too early to be awake.
Then, you head out.
After you've gotten a good whiff of all the fabulous market odors, which would smell just like the State Fair if you added in the scent of manure, then you decide where to and what to get. See the pickle man -- buy crunchy ginger sweet pickles and balsamic calamatas. Buy some candied almonds with cinnamon, and while you're at it pick up some healthy produce (today it was new potatoes.) Once your four-year-old starts complaining about the crowds and the heat, give him your digital camera and let him snap lots of documentary-type shots. Wait! You haven't eaten yet, and you're starving. (The kid is fine, you fed him before you left.)

So you buy a roasted ear of corn, with lots of butter and salt. Delicious!
Now you're really hungry. You're thinking about the pickles, though it's only 9:30am.

You ease out the packed parking area, trying not to run anyone down with their bundle of dill or their bag of greens. The kid expresses a desire for fresh, cold, red watermelon --- his favorite. So when you get home, you chop up a bunch of melon for him; then you break into the sweet pickles and eat three, while reheating last night's quiche. While the quiche is cooling off, you eat a bunch of cherries (because you accidentally bought an extra bag last week, out of pure greed, and now you have to eat them up before they spoil.) Then you eat your piece of quiche, and drink another cup of coffee (because the two do well together.) And then you eat three more sweet pickles, because they're GOOD and who cares.

Then you hope your aging digestive system doesn't take this brunch too personally.

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