Sunday, June 14, 2009

changing times

People are getting tired of hearing about church here. I used to write more about lots of other stuff, and the church thing (particularly my church thing) is losing its appeal for some. So I've started a new blog, over yonder some, and I'll reserve that space for my church-y musings and existential angst as manifested in the life of a church secretary. Those of you who actually like that stuff, go ahead and check it out. Those of you who know me from church, be warned: I'm giving myself permission to talk smack how and when I want over there, and I don't guarantee the results one bit. That said, it's a free country. Meanwhile, I'll endeavor to focus my thoughts about life outside the church (there's life?) right here -- who knows, maybe it'll provide some much-needed detachment for me. We'll see won't we?

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