Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Much more astounding and awful than anything in "Twister" -- the tornado footage recently captured by Weather Channel crews is certainly beautiful, seen from the safest possible distance -- on Hulu. I used to be fascinated by tornados, having never experienced one first-hand, but it's impossible to get too excited given the recent memory of mayhem and loss in Hugo MN.

I sometimes imagine what tornados might have seemed to be, seen from a distance across the prairie in say, the year 1740 or even 1860. What would Native Americans have seen? Wonder what it would be like to see the whirlwind cross a vast landscape inhabited by nothing larger than a jackrabbit -- no twisted metal left behind, no uprooted telephone poles, no collapsed houses or foundations scraped bare. I wonder what the track of a "twister" on open ground looks like, when it doesn't represent impact on lives and local economies.

It would be something to see the tornado's beauty with a clear conscience, the way I suppose no one really can anymore. It's a reminder of the scale of creation.

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Togenberg said...

Hi, stumbled on to your blog though now I have forgotten how; through Sarcastic Lutheran?

That footage is incredible. It is beautiful and awe-inspiring though I appreciate my distance.

Nevertheless since childhood I've been fascinated by tornadoes because of the Wizard of Oz (I'm scared of flying monkeys too but I really have less to fear there I'm thinking).