Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 18

Four quilt blocks completed. Twenty-some-odd to go. Poured a glass of wine and if I'm not careful that will be that for the night.

The Minnesota House failed to stop the Governor's elimination of GAMC, which means the poorest of the poor will have to find some new source of health care assistance, while hospitals transfer those costs from the government to your pocketbook most directly. The irony some middle class white man saying that government shouldn't be responsible for caring for everyone is that if we as private citizens don't care for those in need, with compassionate intention, the costs are extracted from us anyway. We don't have the luxury, in a civilized society, of letting the poor rot in the streets -- our selfishness is only a spectacle on the way to the inevitable, which is equitable distribution of resources. People who think the social safety net is a waste of resources should go live in Haiti, where they had to move the bodies with front end loaders after the quake, and bury them in mass graves. It's a good thing Jesus loves Tim Pawlenty, since as far as I'm concerned the man is a soulless fuckhead. Wonder how Kelliher is feeling. The only soundbite I've heard today from her is a scolding given the aforementioned NIMBY deerhunter about cussing on the Floor.

Wonder how much longer I'll last tonight.

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