Sunday, January 2, 2011


At the end of Day 1, the beginning of Day 2...

As I posted elsewhere, 2010 was the year of Not giving up/Not knowing when to quit. I can be thankful for the following in 2010, a random sampling:
- for good friends, who were always interesting, mostly available, and always loving;
- for the blessings we received at the Little Kitchen Food Shelf, which made it possible to serve so many more folks this year over last, and proved to me again that God provides and feeding hungry people is Good;
- for Grace Center -- that we got the loan, navigated it and two complex real estate transactions (buying/selling), got everything packed and moved not once but TWICE without major incident, formed the nonprofit successfully, that we have a great building partner in Fraser Academy, that despite certain setbacks the dream is real;
- for my son, the light of my life, my reason for being;
- for Zoloft and its effectiveness;
- for the things I always take for granted: spouse, house, food, drink, entertainment. Those things that make life easier.

It was an incredibly difficult year at many points along the way, and for many reasons. But challenging is in some cases the better word to use -- I had to stretch well beyond my previous experience in order to cope and to measure up to what needed doing. I can be proud of myself (and several others) for simply seeing things through... sticking with it. Believing in what I was doing.

I made some mistakes, eyes wide open, and that's a fact. But I blame no one, except myself. My mistakes are almost always choices rather than accidents.

2010 was hard, no doubt, but the end results were almost always good -- so I am thankful.

"I learn by going where I have to go."

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