Sunday, February 6, 2011

not in bed

I've been ill for a few days, something flu-like, not too severe but certainly enough to make me want to lay down frequently. Unfortunately, I hate laying around during the day. Not so my husband, who is spending the afternoon channel-surfing from the couch while waiting impatiently for the Superbowl to start.

Sooooo much crap on TV... so many dumb sports-show gags and dumber commercials, the Tailgate Party at the Cow Palace, country music and pre-taped player dialogue; and now Bill O'Reilly interviewing President Obama! A friend of mine is married to a moderate Egyptian, wonder what his wife thinks of Obama's statements about the week's political destabilization in Egypt...

My kid is wandering around the house with some video game figures he's constructed out of Knex pieces; since we've forbidden him to play any more video games today, he's making up his own. Which is fine. Every room in the house is a new planet... Since the unfriendly dictator on Planet Sewing-Room has warned the Knex alien to get away from the Sacred Machine, his conveyance has shuffled off to explore the much more hospitable Planet Kid's Room, where my young spaceship pilot is apparently now setting out on the Incredible Journey.  "Look out for that antibody! Here comes a red blood cell!"

Obama is smiling his "Fuck You" smile at Bill O'Reilly... You can tell he wants to do his Mark Zuckerberg impression. "Is that a question? Is that a question, Bill?"  Of course the President is a bit more media-savvy than the then-23 year old CEO. Who nevertheless turned around in late 2010 and used 60 Minutes as a commercial for Facebook's latest upgrade, a scoop Leslie Stahl was angling for already in 2007.

OK, now I'm tired. Who knew sitting up could be so exhausting?

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