Tuesday, March 4, 2008

i love my job, i love my job

Everyone can relate to the days when your love/hate relationship with your job tips over into the stark, contrast-enhanced realms of negativity and resentment. Or so it would seem, given the feedback I've received on my short, frustrated posting from last week.

I got a terrific (hand-written!) letter today from my friend JJ in San Diego. It included a great postcard (one much like several in my collection of Mississippi River postcards) and also a xerox of an article about the new International Quilt Study Center & Museum in Nebraska. Of course the Center itself is getting lots of press in the publications, but it is evidently architecturally noteworthy as well -- something the quilting mags haven't touched on. And, as she points out, a mere 5 hours drive from the Cities! I have to find someone as obsessed as I am to do the driving tho. Maybe I should find an art/quilts guild to join, just to have someone to road-trip with.

My husband surprised me, when I mentioned this, by showing me a blurb in Newsweek about cheap airfares from Minneapolis to Iceland. JJ and I used to fantasize about trips to Iceland, and National Geographic just ran a spread on the country's economic and environmental concerns -- so you'd think the kismet would be a completed trifecta with this Newsweek blurb. But no. "I wish," was JJ's response, "Let's both quit our jobs!"

For more on how much worse it could be, see this You Tube clip of "the Original Bunny Song" by the Veggie Tales. Cathie doesn't think it's funny, 'cause it's not, but it is darkly humorous. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPZDpU19FlQ

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