Saturday, December 27, 2008

nobody does it better: the National Anthem

Which is purely a matter of relatively-uninformed opinion -- BUT -- my husband and I spent some time listening to various YouTube renditions of Steven Tyler singing the National Anthem, and we decided his best effort shone at the 2002 Sox Home Opener. Seriously. The first time I heard him do it was at the 2004 World Series opener, the year the Sox broke the curse, and I was floored. Turns out though that he has hit that high note (for anywhere from one to three seconds) a bunch of times since 2000, and in fact, is the man you want at anything from hockey to baseball to the Indianapolis 500. He clearly takes it fairly seriously, and the 2002 version linked above has him taking special care to really sing all the notes in the melody and not just the ones we all know. Though he grandstands a little on the high note (always), he nevertheless NAILS it each time. While Tyler doesn't ever make my list of music's best voices (he can sound really weak at times), he's actually got quite the set of pipes. I honestly don't know how he hits that note without busting a vein in an eyeball -- AND, he genuinely seems to know all the lyrics!

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