Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I have texted, emailed and kissed my closest friends. I have opened the window in my sewing room, to try to air out the overpowering odors of popcorn, brewing hops and fried bacon that permeates the house (a day of strong smells.) My husband stirred briefly where he sleeps on the couch, at midnight, and fireworks still pop and crack somewhere in the distance. My first beverage of the year is a Coke Zero, and my first bite remains to be determined. Obama will be inaugurated in 20 days. What sort of world will we be, 12 months from now?

I hope 2009 is a turn for the better, for all of us. I pray for my friends, especially for those who struggle with illness, depression, money woes, heartaches of all kinds. I pray for the people who visit our food shelf. I pray that no one dies tonight from careless accidents, from violence, from cruel circumstance. I hope no one is on the street tonight with no place to go to get warm and be safe. I pray that we get what we want, and what best for us, and that real peace can be achieved.

I hereby resolve the following, for whatever these resolutions are worth:
- To be more responsible with money.
- To be ever more creatively attuned to the world around me.
- To be a better spouse, better parent, better friend however I may.
- To consider my faith more intentionally.

That'll be more than enough to attempt. (On my limited budget.)
Good luck and God bless you all!

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