Tuesday, July 7, 2009

quick shout-outs

Greetings! To the new returning visitor who hangs out at the Charles E. Beatley Jr. Central Library in Alexandria VA; to the new returning visitor from Venezuela; to my marketing pals at Kraft; to the one-offs from Pew Charitable Trusts and from Singapore; and to the beloved 15% of you who use Qwest or Comcast to visit me and have dropped in 50 to 100 times in the past year. Y'all are awesome! Thanks for following.

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John Feeney said...

Hello Jennifer S.! My name is John Feeney and ran into your profile on blogger - we have some interests in common (theology & politics) my own site "excaliburs word" can be found at http://feeneyslaw.blogspot.com and my email is excalibur1963@live.com. Give me a shout!