Friday, February 26, 2010

Going on day two of having my son in the office with me, which isn't nearly as difficult as it might seem -- when we aren't busy running the food shelf, he entertains himself pretty well. He's giggling over "Calvin and Hobbes" just now. But it's dull as ditchwater compared to any number of other things he could be doing, I suspect, and his dad will come for him pretty soon. I hope. Mid-afternoon, still time to catch some shows, maybe convince his dad to take him sledding. School holidays... I'm shaking off the last vestiges of a migraine as well, one that settled in the day before yesterday, and while the last of the pain seems resolved my eyes are still a little light-sensitive. Not surprisingly, I'm in a mood of low ebb. It's been a good week, but very busy -- three nights at meetings. I skipped my son's school conference this morning, I suspect (never did get confirmation of the appointment from his teacher.) Unless something magical happens this afternoon, I'll most likely work tomorrow as well, a thought that really doesn't appeal to me. And if the old man doesn't show up soon, I'll have to leave the office and find some food for my kid. He's late... BLAH. Sorry, that's all I got at the moment. Wow - "Lightning Crashes" by LIVE on Pandora. Haven't heard that in a while.

Evidently I'm the only one who thought "Break My Stride" was funny. Oh well.

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