Wednesday, February 17, 2010

day 6

Better, and I'm starting tentatively to believe that this solution is workable. I'm still watchful. But, hopeful. I've had an intermittent sense of well-being in the past two days, a feeling I realize has been scarce of late.

Meanwhile, our three-pound kitten is making so much noise that twice I've left the room to go see who the hell was breaking into the house. She's just tearing around for the heck of it. She jumps up on everything, scales all the heights, she's unstoppable. And a damned nuisance.

It's Ash Wednesday today. I re-read t.s. eliot's poem and wondered, not for the first time, what sort of drugs the old man did in his day. I should endeavor to learn more about him. I designed and printed the worship bulletin, went to the service after work, had a meeting after the service, came home and looked at my cross of ashes in the mirror for a few moments before smearing it away with Vaseline. I rather wish I'd taken a photo first. Not to show anyone -- pray in secrecy after all -- but just to see it and meditate on it a little. I'll settle for the abstraction I suppose.

Repent and reflect.

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