Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Captain Crack with CrackBerries

I bought a BlackBerry 9700, in Flash White with all the trimmings, and now I can't put that sucker down.
I met a friend at a bar recently, and he showed me his iPhone. This unfortunate soul has lost his BlackBerry (or his kid lost it for him), and had his laptop stolen the same week. And he thinks it's pretty funny (which I suppose it is) that he, the "not artistic" one, should be so turned on by the "intuitive" and very visual iPhone; while I, the artistic and not consistently tech-friendly one, should be growing hair on my palms over the BlackBerry. But it's a God-send, if I can use that phrase in all seriousness. It keeps me from having to carry my laptop in many ways, particularly right now as I'm bouncing between two or more work locations daily.

I love that I can see all my messages and email and notifications all at once (though I turned off lots of the bells.) I love that it has touchpad navigation. I love that it is NOT a touch-screen device, because there's something uncomfortable for me about smearing my finger grease all over a screen or a piece of glass. (Bad enough that the CrackBerry gets all smeary after I use the phone.) I love that the sound actually WORKS and I can HEAR outdoors (unlike the TMobile Dash, which led me to seriously reduce the number of minutes I need on my plan.) And did I mention that it's pretty pretty?

If only it had a vibrator attachment.
I'm kidding guys.
I'm giving it a name... because I love it so. Like I named my bike.
I'm calling it "Toni," and ditching the CrunchBerries reference; think "the Captain and Tenille", and white polyester, and eighties hair. AWESOME. Tee hee.

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