Monday, July 12, 2010


Well. The weekend is a collage of images -- sun-showers, fresh vegetables from the farmers' market at our food shelf, the bar at Hell's Kitchen (no relation to the tv show), rosemary potatoes at our friends' place, a broken bowl, the garden and patio, boys chasing each other with the sprinkler, rainier cherries, fans and a hangover in church, a lawn mower, a long walk... lots of socializing this weekend, and lots of motion, and too much wine.

It's what I wanted. The amount of work to be managed this week is still a hand-wringing prospect, but at least I got some real sleep last night. I went to bed early, found later on that my son had crawled into bed with me. He slept soundly for a change, and only rain blown in through the window was sufficient to pull me away from sleep for a few moments.

I had my hair colored this week -- an unnatural shade of red (on me that is), but I wanted something different -- maybe red because I need more energy, need to be brave if not brazen, and don't need as much approval from others right now as I usually do. Not that anyone has given me the thumbs-down (though there are some strong feelings about how I look, around here, and I suspect a couple people don't care for it). Change is hard for some people -- maybe I chose red because it's all about change, lately, and I want to "be" the change rather than hide from it.

I had to go downtown this weekend to do some printing, and wound up meeting a friend there for drinks, just for a little while. Crossing a busy intersection I glanced up, and did a double-take -- a skyscraper-high tsunami had crested over the skyline, and the whitecap at the top of the wave was just beginning to curl over -- I could see it frozen there between two buildings, like a scene from a B movie. Lots of crazy clouds this weekend, changeful weather.

I saw cops slapping the cuffs on a shoplifter. Saw a woman whose artwork I used to represent, riding the bus in her wheelchair and sporting a leg cast. Saw my son laughing, and crying, several times. I lost a couple of hours to sheer drunkenness, and acquired a couple bruises whose origins I can't recall. I shopped for tea, and watched my son carefully pick apart and eat a huge quantity of fresh peas. Cleaned, prayed, loved.

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