Sunday, November 2, 2008

38 Hours

How many minds will be made up in the next 38 hours? How many minds will change? How many voters won't know until they reach the polls which way their vote will be cast? How many have known from the moment the candidate was declared?

When the local primaries were held I took my son, age 5, to the polling place with me. He stood with me in line, watched each step of the process, and was warmly welcomed by the ladies of the voting place. He walked with me to the booth, and I explained the ballot (as best I could). Then I voted. Together, we put the ballot into the tabulator, and before we left the ladies gave him an "I Voted" sticker of his own. "Please come back!" they said, and promised special treats for kids on Election Day. Now he's excited to go back. My kid is participating.

A friend at church mentioned today that he has taken a few days off from work, including Wednesday, to give himself the treat of staying up half the night with the election. And some friends and I arranged (though it's being rescheduled now) to go out for a drink, to celebrate victory or drown our sorrows the day after. Don't worry, I've already made other plans. :-)

38 hours...what world will we live in, 62 hours from now? Which of the parallel universes will we choose?

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