Monday, November 3, 2008

Now is the Time

Or as a friend put it some time ago, perhaps now is always the time, and we only occasionally realize this fact -- that where we are, right now in all its complexity and chaos and uncertainty, is the moment wherein we choose or do not choose (and so, choose anyway).

And, Now is the time for the Lord to act. Kairos et tous pousais Kirios.

Based on my very limited experience of these things, this life, I think he was right -- that every moment of which we are aware is Now, and therefore all that we know collectively, we know Now -- and we know it as one, this humanity, on some level that we will or won't perceive individually. So it is as one that we act, consciously or otherwise, and so we move into one future or the other, or others still, branching off infinitely -- parallel universes of movement or indecision, audacity or apathy.

and change is inevitable, hope is inevitable. But how badly do we want it now? It's not enough to want things to "be better." You have to want it badly, with passion, and you have to act. So, if you're reading this tonight, I hope for everyone's sake that you VOTE tomorrow. It won't matter what you vote for, or against, as long as you act in accordance with your gut and heart, as long as you act out of real love for your fellow humans. Now is the time. We've all agreed to it, here in America -- we've agreed to perceive together this moment of great action, of looking as one into the future. This is it, right this minute. In 24 hours we may already know what now really means. This is one chance in a lifetime, this vote.

Pray that we act as one, to the best of our ability, and to the right end.

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