Friday, November 28, 2008

still digesting...

My husband, disgusted with my YouTube browsing, has gone off to bed and shut the door. It's half-past the end of Thanksgiving, and none of the usual blogs have seen any action. It feels like a Sunday night here, without the Monday to look forward to -- long weekend trapped in the house, Day 2, hath commenced. No excuse not to get the laundry done I suppose...tomorrow I'll make a cheesecake, just to top off the incredible debauchery of the week, and with any luck I can hit the office on Saturday. Lots to do, given the new and improved chaos at church -- about which I won't say much here, in part to avoid problematic indiscretions and in part because my desk is such a snarl as a result that I don't much care to contemplate it. Have avoided the blog for the most part this past week, in favor of SLEEP. Sleep: when you can, you should.

Let's go look for a blog, shall we? Let's see if we can hunt up good ol' Anonymous tonight.

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