Saturday, April 4, 2009

the guns, part II

What is it in the fucking drinking water of America that makes it seem perfectly logical to kill 13 people taking an English class -- or your own five children -- before taking your own life?

Why is it easier to buy a gun than to get health insurance?

Why do we perpetually scratch our heads and tisk while vacant bystanders tell the media about the sounds of gunshots, the angry loner, the nice guy who recently got laid off -- as if we were really looking for the cure for this horrifying phenomenon? Everyone knows these killing sprees are overwhelmingly associated with GUN OWNERSHIP.

America is a swamp. Prolific, fecund, riddled with rot, constantly percolating amidst apparent plenty the isolation, despair and violence common to a disintegrating society. We're all brushing our teeth with swamp water, taking our chances.

Right next door to you, citizen, is a guy (they are usually men, after all) who owns 3 guns, has plenty of ammo, and has completely lost track of his soul.

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co said...

I understand your dismay at the apparent tragic state of the world but I believe you are blaming the wrong cause of the violence. The gun was the chosen tool; no different than choosing between a screwdriver or powered screwdriver when doing a bit of home repair.

Just as the person who wishes to end their own life will find a way whether you take away their pills (or knife, gun, noose, etc.), so too will the person set on killing others find a way with or without access to a gun (Such as throwing their kids off a bridge which I have heard in the news several times over the last year. Or flying a plane into a tower armed only with a box cutter).

Disarming the law abiding public is not the answer to the questions you have. Ask the over 170 million civilian dead in areas around the globe what happens after the government takes the guns away from its citizens:

(click Download and select a download location to download PDF)

If you want a breakdown of the historical gun laws and the resulting number of dead:

When MN began to allow concealed-carry permits a few years ago, many thought the state would become the wild west. That didn't happen. Violent crime is down as it is in most states that allow concealed-carry.

I personally am thankful for the citizens that have taken on the great responsibility of lawfully carrying a weapon. They are doing so knowing that one day they may be in harm’s way while protecting themselves and others.

When I walk into a building that has a "no guns allowed" sign, I feel less safe knowing that if any weapons are present, the only people that posses them are the "bad guys".

If some of the “good guys” had been armed during the shootings seen in the news over the past decade, some of the innocent would probably still be alive...

The good guys I know would even risk life to defend you (even though you think they have no soul...)