Thursday, April 23, 2009

I can see clearly now...

I did not ride today, because the wind doth blow really hard (warm front) -- and because I knew I'd be spending the evening in south Mpls, whence comes the windy wind. So I feel funky, sort of in need of a stretch -- just sitting all day. Sitting at my desk, on the bus, in the bar, at the new LSS building. Sitting.

The wind and its warmth are a gift, a preview of coming attractions.

Facebook is causing me to underappreciate the blog. Fb is all about instant gratification (unless you're trying to arrange a coffee date, which I have found to be well nigh on impossible in most cases.) Fb is the enemy of articulate thought.

It's been a week of motion. Movement in affairs, in relationships, in the weather. Things happening -- I've connected this week with no less than FOUR lovely people whom I haven't had contact with in anywhere from seven months to eighteen YEARS. (Suz gets the prize. Then come Chuck, Aza and Amy.) I'm so so so blessed to still have all these people in my life. It renews my faith in connection.

And other things too -- dreams. Visions, big gifts, little gifts, messages from beyond. Words filtering in about my role in life, about the purpose of living. And here I thought Easter had passed me by. I'm awed.

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jude said...

hey thanks for featuring my tree house quilt...