Thursday, April 9, 2009

zippadee doo daa

This week is shot, and progress is retrograde. So far this week I have worked three days, and I feel as though the simplest things are in a state of serious delay/decline. Not enough time to just plow through a project until it's done. Should really work as much as I can get away with tomorrow, even though Friday is Mommy and Skeeter day and he will not be inclined to amuse himself while I essentially neglect him. Plus we must attend church tomorrow night. For which I feel ill-prepared, in my speaking role.

I'm afraid Holy Week has eluded my grasp. The Horrible Dental Appointment on Wednesday was really a drag, my son is generally quite clingy right now (lots of separation anxiety, a little reversion, nothing serious), and I'm just not down with the finer points of the Resurrection at the moment. Like having to work through a vacation at the lake -- the scenery is nice, from a distance, but that's all.

Sorry to be such a drag.

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