Monday, June 21, 2010


A gift of cherries this morning from Bob, one of the counters. He always brings me something -- an apple, cherries, salad mix. Sometimes I eat what he gives me, other times I give it away, depending on the produce and the circumstances. He doesn't care what I do with it, though usually his gifts are only enough for one. Sometimes he brings things he thinks my son will like.

A busy morning at the food shelf. I was alone there, and it was non-stop; I had to restock several times. A good thing though since we are up to our eyeballs in produce right now, with lettuces and greens especially. Two sisters took all the collards between them this morning, and I did not care -- we'll close this week temporarily to prepare for the big move, and I can't bear to compost so much good food, all locally or oganically grown, donated by farmers' market vendors and the co-op. Raspberries!

I'd better be careful. I've gained five pounds in the last month, and I shouldn't kid myself with thinking that it's muscle weight from all the biking.

I'm taking an online course from Jude Hill, on the 15th, which will last the summer. I'm very excited about that! I admire her work. And SAQA is coming up in July as well, which gives me a deadline for the piece I've had on the table since last summer. Yes, I work rather slowly. Usually on several projects at once.

And there are other gifts as well.

I have some Father's Day thoughts, which I'll post a little later. In spite of all that must be done, it's hard not to feel as though it's because of what we're given today. Just like a bounty of lettuce must be cleaned, sorted, bagged for distribution; we are given so much that it takes all our time.

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