Friday, June 25, 2010

YUM. Tofu tacos with pico de gaillo and cilantro and cheese and beans and hot sauce, from the Co-op, for lunch! And fresh raspberries for dessert! I'm making a pig of myself. And coffee.... mmm. Drank a little too much last night with CW and the film crew, so I skipped breakfast this morning... no real hangover, just a desire to fill up on coffee. Waiting for the crew to return for filming this afternoon...waiting for my husband to call so he can run over to Holland school with me to survey the north garden...waiting for the boss to return this afternoon to finish my Sunday assignments....waiting for the youth group from Kentucky...

Did I mention coffee???

And standing on the precipice of vapor-lock, trying to track everything happening financially just now. Far easier just to mull, and blog, drink, and eat... and wait.

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