Monday, June 14, 2010


Another day in the life of a congregational administrator -

Wave as husband and son drive off to daycare. Brush teeth, grab my umbrella, walk four blocks to catch a bus to church.

Arriving early, call the food shelf volunteer to tell her she needs to stop by my new office for keys, because I can't be at the food shelf location to back her up this morning. She comes for the keys on her way in, and I hope for her sake that it's not too busy this morning. Later I realize I didn't give her the log book that she'll need to check in clients. This creates more work for me than for her.

Get the counting volunteers trained in on the new set-up. Get the data entry volunteer going in her new location. Finish setting up the duplicating machines, carry reams of paper up from the basement; notice that I have gotten spray-bleach on my sweater while cleaning the filthy table that will support the printer. Find an appropriately dark-blue Sharpie and mark out the offending bleach stains. Sort mail, return a few messages, field some calls. Confer with the Pastor about tonight's Communications Team meeting. After an hour, when all of these things are accomplished, take a break. Eat breakfast: trail mix from Target. Put feet up. Smilingly accept Pastor's gentle teasing about how busy I look. Wave goodbye as he leaves for his workout.

Blog. Because it's a rainy day and I'm alone here now, and there's a ton of financial management work to do which takes hours and requires a clear head. And then...

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