Thursday, June 24, 2010

lazy Thursday

Ah, "working" at home.

I have given myself this quiet morning of lovely temps and sunshine. I may work. I may make art. I may not do anything more productive than fritter my time away on the computer (and if so that's a shame, but so be it.) My hyperproductive Monday has given way to a week of fretting over finance abstractions and suffering from the humidity (though that's clearing some.) Humidity makes me sleepy. Humidity makes me want to lay around, spend a day naked, or go sit by the lake. Humidity does not make me want to do cash flow projections.

It has become apparent that I'll be at work both Saturday and Sunday for at least a few hours each day, so that's another reason to lay around this morning. This weekend working really bothers my husband. And I admit, I'm not in the mood for it this week myself. Having the boss out of the office most of the week contributes to a feeling of whiny what-about-me I-wanna-be-out-too. So I'm OUT. But checking messages.

I have a film crew coming in to church tomorrow to start working out their shoot Sunday. It's a feature length independent film called "The Evangelist," directed by Walter Glass. Friend of a friend, a guy who lives down south somewhere whom I will meet for the first time tomorrow. He is using a couple local actors on this project, hence his in-town-ness. Because he has no money, he'll pay "rent" on the use of the space by cooking our Community Dinner Saturday night, he and the cast and crew. Sounds like fun, huh? Come hang out with the cool people at church... I also have a youth group from Kentucky stopping in on their way back south to do some gardening for us and to help serve the Dinner. So. Big weekend. Plus barbequing at the neighbors' on Sunday evening... all this activity is sure to make my husband cranky. Better deposit some more credits in the ol' good will account tonight...

Shoot. Gotta go take the pill.

Maybe I'll toddle over to True Companion and waste some time there now. Peace out.

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