Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I've slid into a posting slump. Lots of ups and downs and general busyness right now, and for me personally things are decent -- I'm grateful. Still, it takes all my time these days and I find myself less energized between 10pm and 2am than I normally would be. Not that I didn't stay up until three the other night anyway... I owe several people phone calls (and if you're one of them, I apologize.) I owe several personal emails, and follow-ups on tons of interactions (thank-you's and the like.) I'm planning most of a worship service for the 12th as well as writing the sermon, and since it's National Children's Sabbath that day I'm compiling my litany of appalling facts -- which will no doubt appear here at some point.

The food shelf has been crazy busy over the past few weeks, as more and more people slide into the widening gap between haves and have-nots. Food shelf "stuff" takes up more of my office time than I would like it to, though that's just a function of paperwork -- piles and piles of stuff on my desk that needs attention as well -- and the 09 budgeting process underway, which compels me (the bookkeeper) to do lots of digging on others' behalf.

Drill down into the layers of my life, and you'll find me wishing I had more time to create.

Meanwhile, fall is setting in and before long the leaf-raking commences. I'll need winter tires for the bike eventually, plus my chain guard is busted...and I'm not looking forward to the long winter of closed windows and gray skies. Sigh. The problems of others close to me are more acute, so there's plenty for me to worry about without getting fixated on the weather. Hope you all are well...

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