Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jenski & the Bad Moods

My friends and I are forming a band - Jenski & the Bad Moods. I'll play the drums, and my crabbiest friend with the best voice will be the front man. I'll have enough cranky, depressed pals in this outfit to accommodate keyboards, guitar, back-up singers, etc -- all the upset, stressed out Hemingway lovers on one stage!!! Glum, snarky, self-defeating love songs our specialty! More depressing than Aimee Mann! More sarcastic than Weird Al! More abusive than Sid Vicious! We'll shoot the charts with our unrequited passions and fatalistic lyrics. Yep, it's Jenski & the Bad Moods all-ages show at Lyle's Liquor Lounge, one night only!!!

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