Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend update

More has transpired this weekend than I can relate tonight - I'm too tired. And I still need time to process.
In brief, my sermon was well-written but the certain people were a little disappointed by my performance. I was very nervous, and read off the page too much, without allowing myself to sound as passionate as I felt about some of the issues presented. Other aspects of the service went really well, but there were some frustrating comments after the fact that reminded me that not everyone took an interest in being as involved in the planning as they could have been.

I went to a political rally of sorts in St. Paul sponsored by the ISAIAH coalition, and heard some moving testimony as well as some excessive yacking -- inspiring stuff on the whole, but a little lacking in the "what's next" department. Apart from recognizing the very real need to improve voter turnout in the city.

I had a damned yard sale, which actually went reasonably well but I'm not eager to repeat the act any time soon. Lots of interesting people popped by and it was an amazing cross-section of my very diverse neighborhood. But I didn't get rid of all my crap like I wanted.

And, I'm feeling an uncomfortable need for a deeper level of self-examination than I've done in while. A little accountability on the personal/spiritual/emotional fronts. At the moment, it's a lot to unpack.

So -- sigh -- more later.

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