Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 1.1

Back at work. This time with a heating pad wedged between my shoulders and my office chair, to hopefully offset the ongoing back pain and also the cold I seem to have caught from my son. I feel like nothing so much as an old woman today, and have tried to compensate for this by dressing very hip and urban. Laughable really.

Another nuts and bolts sort of day at church. Unending finance tasks, the occasional food shelf visitor. The admin assistant is out sick again today, and if I hadn't just taken two (relatively healthy) days off I'd probably be doing the same. Instead, I will take some Vicks DayQuil, and hope it helps.

Listening to Beth Orton now... my attitude is much improved after some intentional PTO, but still needs tightening up. Like the rest of me, har. Wasted an unsatisfactory hour on Facebook last night when I should have just gone to bed. It would be nice to have a worship service to attend right now...this minute I mean. Someplace with space to contemplate without the ringing of the phone. I'm just not ready to get anything done yet today.

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