Sunday, May 30, 2010

backyard still life

It's not that my back yard is particularly beautiful, and if you are the sort who have money to spend on landscaping you won't be impressed. We have been in the house three years, very gradually reclaiming various sections of the yards from years of benign indifference. Some day we will tear down the garage, replace all the retaining walls, eliminate those three pine trees someone got suckered into all those years ago, tear out the steps up to the pad and the pad itself and have them re-poured, rebuild the garage, and put in some more perrenials.

Just as soon as the value of our home exceeds what we owe on it. We have taken a bath on the property value, and we're now underwater by 20 grand. For that kind of money, a healthy chunk of the above could be completed. But, we have time. So we have gradually bandaged some of the more annoying conditions, and by mid-summer our gardens are gorgeous. I still believe in owning. When we get that nasty leak in the roof over the kitchen fixed, though, I may change my mind....

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