Thursday, May 27, 2010

to sleep, perchance

Tonight I am intentionally keeping myself awake, hoping to avoid last night's repeat of fruitless tossing and turning. Early to bed, early to rise... 4:30am this morning, me and the birds again, and not back to sleep until almost 6am. And of course, my kid is up with the son before seven...

This time I was late to work, more than an hour late. Fortunately it doesn't happen often. I compensated by working longer than usual, and remedied by taking an hour mid-afternoon to keep my massage appointment anyway. Which was good. I felt five hundred times better afterward; before I was sure I had come down with a cold.

Tonight I will have the second glass of wine too, hoping for the usual effect. My therapist gave me some herbals she uses to help with sleep and stress, and perhaps tomorrow I'll give that a shot. This week, and several weeks to come, with be chaotic and stressful at work. My productivity will be physically, geographically divided between the food shelf, the interim office and various wireless networks while we suspend admin from the ceiling for a week between closings. We can't move into our new building before July 1, but must sell the current church a month earlier, since that's when the buyer wants to close. What I could really use: the loan of Wonder Woman's invisible jet to get me from place to place through June. Or perhaps a time machine?

Here's to not being kept awake by concerns like "I have to call the gas company" and "who is writing this week's devotion?" Drink, woman!

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