Saturday, May 22, 2010

random thought on vocation

High on some successful event or project, I am a Producer.
Competently wailing away at a stack of important papers, I am an Administrator.
Sometimes I feed people.
Sometimes I preach.
Sometimes I create something wonderful, and call myself Artist.
More often than not, I am
Mother, though - "first and foremost" as my friend says.
And more often than not, as I do my job, I feel most like a Janitor. Trying to clean up after people, and clear the way for them to do their thing. This mother/janitor thing leaks into my relationships ALOT. I often ask myself whether it's a good thing, but the answer varies.

Should I feel Important? Successful? Should it be enough simply to serve? Is it enough when I'm not creating something new?

"My soul magnifies...." Hmm.

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Rachel said...

Its a beautiful life. Pieces parts all wonderfully woven together, making a beautiful life.