Wednesday, May 19, 2010

up with the birds

Open windows can be a problem at 4:30am. First there was the low-frequency throb from somewhere down around the train yard; and then, then the chorus of jubilant birds! And the pain in the hip, and the sneeze; and the motors of the day chug into life. Hunger. Need to pee. Husband and son stirring and turning in their sleep. The pull of the computer, and so on. But it's sooo early. The bunnies are eating their breakfast, cats watching them from the back step. Worms are rolling over and burrowing down before the robins catch them, out late. That damned throbbing noise still bouncing around the hillsides where we live, echoing among the garages, making the neighbor's dogs woof in annoyance. Black silhouettes of trees against the periwinkle skies of advancing dawn. Eat half a banana. Use the toilet. Go back to bed....

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