Saturday, May 29, 2010

I got the will to drive myself sleepless

OK, not having much luck with achieving continuous slumber. Last night I was down from about 9pm until 11:30, up watching Letterman and surfing until 1am, laying abed tossing and turning and listening to the snoring until 2:30am; hit the couch at 2:30, wait until 3am to fall asleep, and the kid was up a 6am. So that's roughly five to six hours of sleep, divided by nearly four hours of wakeful, thinking about work and trying NOT to think about sex. NOT GOOD! Pills, some light drinking, dull TV and still -- up all night. And a great deal of work to do at the office. But I got the will...

"Cause everybody likes softserve..."

It's a beautiful morning here in Minneapolis. The sky is clear and blue, the air is dry and the high today is 85 degrees. The lawn is clipped and the gardens are coming along. My kid is in the tub being watched carefully by his cat (who probably can't believe someone would actually immerse themselves in water, on purpose), and the cartoons are switched off. Lovely. What I need to do at the office can actually be accomplished at any time of day, and I might avoid some chaos if I wait a little before going in. (Multiple events in the building, not requiring the presence of yours truly; but if I make myself visible that won't matter). Napping is a bad idea -- I don't want to start my day all over again, thank you. I have swept the floors, started the laundry, fed the child, made coffee and fed myself already, stripped the beds (once the husband finally made an appearance) and can pause for a while knowing I've contributed to household management.

"...the perfect hourglass of my loneliness..."

Up all night, thinking about who I could be talking to. I should now acknowledge that this post is a minor tribute to Soul Coughing, and to Mike Doughty, whom I have seen in many venues and several cities. I'm crazy about him, his talents and his troubles, in the embarrassed way of the Midwesterner: I don't like fandom -- don't like the longing of fandom, though longing is what the unenlightened life is all about. Makes me feel like a goober, but my fandom is reserved mostly for Doughty, and occasionally for local bigshot Dan Wilson (who teamed up with Doughty on "Haughty Melodic" and about sent me into orbit).

God i'm tired.

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