Sunday, May 17, 2009

It occurred to me to try a new tactic - get out the camera and shoot the studio in its currently idle state. Half-finished and not-quite-started projects laying around plus tons of new materials accumulated during my post-tax-return spending spree. Lots of notions floating around in my head, but nothing yet sprouting -- like my ipomopsis seeds. Frost warnings too, maybe art imitates the weather these days. You can see that my surfaces are accumulating a rich loam, composting layers of new fabric plus books and magazines that inspire with their images and lofty deconstructions. Plus the usual filing and ironing and whatnot. Even the smell in the studio reminds me of dirt -- for some reason, basement smells are filtering up and accumulating in here, despite many airings-out, so a musty dampness permeates the room. What will grow? I just need a little more sun, a little more rain in what has proven a long, slow spring.


scrivener said...

As generally a writer my orphaned projects lurk mostly in endlessly nested digital folders with names like "the back burner" and "follow up - maybe". I sometimes wonder if all the wrestling-with-self over getting things done really has any effect. Maybe things really do sprout more or less of their own accord, per the mostly uncontrollable conditions, like seeds. When I worked in the orchid propagation laboratory we used to examine seed samples under the microscope to determine what percentage bore viable-appearing embryos... which always kind of seemed like cheating.

Laptop confessional said...

Hello Jennifer from Minnisota

Meet from Toronto. I really like the gritty authenticity of your entries. Your art work and musings about such are quite lovely also. Do birds of a feather name their blog sites together? Funny that we were both drawn to this title. I want to request a sort of forgiveness for the amount of self-obsessed dramatic spew on laptop-confessional, but when all is said and done, this is what this sort of space is for. Happy continued creativity!