Friday, May 22, 2009


OK. A word just popped into my head. "Fuckmap." Appropos of, I suspect, nothing. Product of simple visual suggestion: I had just hit the 'new post' button, and set my chin in my hand as I wondered what to say. Looking to my left (in this slovenly little room I call my sanctuary) I noticed a pile of maps on top of the rolling cart. A Hudsons book, and an atlas of MN underneath. And there it was: Fuckmap. What's a fuckmap?

In its least elegant iteration I suppose it's the GIS version of a sex life. Or a diagrammatic narrative of one's really bad day. As in, "okay, here's the fuckmap: first my alarm clock failed to launch and I was late to the staff meeting. Then I slopped coffee on my last clean shirt, and realized I wouldn't have time to do laundry or anything before dinner with my mom and dad tonight. So I decided to run to Target for a clean shirt, since there's a store right around the corner from work; but while I was there, someone broke into my car and stole all my cd's..."

Or perhaps it's not a compound word at all. Fuck Map. Maybe it's a punk band. Maybe it's one of those fly-by-night web design companies, the ones that hire college students to design frontpages for porn sites. (I knew someone who did this for a living. She said the money was good, but after a while all the remotely agreeable porn starts to look the same. Interestingly, her next job was stalking people with her camera in the service of a busy private detective; shooting women accused of having affairs and such like.) ANYWAY. That's as good as it gets tonight, folks.

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scrivener said...

Congratulations, you are now the first (and third) top result of a Google search for "fuckmap." Offhand I would say executing this search is "not safe for work."