Monday, May 18, 2009


Looks like there are two "Laptop Confessionals" out there folks. Had to happen. This other Confessional (a Blogspot blog to boot) has a hyphen = laptop-confessional. And guess what? It's LOTS more confessional than my blog. In fact, if you came here looking for sexual content and were disappointed (as you most likely were), just mosey on over to that OTHER Confessional. There's plenty of rich and interesting schtuff to chew on, just ever so slightly down the road. Evil twin? Alter ego? Copyright infringement? (just kidding). Check out the hyphenated Confessional, folks, it's a free country you know.

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Rachel said...

ok, seriously hilarious and ookie all at once. i'll stay over here if you don't mind. oh, and the most traffic driving search terms for my blog? "things to do while pooping"
Yeah. Interwebs. Weird.