Tuesday, September 2, 2008


A possum set off the motion-light in the back yard a few minutes ago -- "born dead in the road," is my husband's quip per the Great Southern Opossum. And indeed I've seen a few sad carcasses here and there, but this is the first live specimen since we lived in Georgia. Another critter the cats know better than to tangle with. Full-grown rabbits also enjoy free reign among our garden plants -- tough street-wise varmints who know full well that our Ratso is really just a couch-cushion on four legs. The boys used to be big game hunters in their youth, slaughtering nations of cotton rats in GA and climbing pecan trees to empty the nests of grey squirrels -- now they just pick on baby bunnies and juvenile red squirrels in their spare time. Utterly spoiled, adapted to the lifestyle of the white folks who raised them.

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