Sunday, September 21, 2008

on what I put in my mouth

By the way, in about two weeks I've lost nine pounds on my diet. I am pleased. I am quite pleased. People who oppose dieting on principle may squeak, but rest assured, I still eat the occasional Real Dessert. And my husband, compelled in part by the need to cook for a dieting wife, has himself shed about 15 pounds that he can really do without (most of it right at his belt line.) Could be that by the time winter starts he'll fit into his nice slacks once again. He's going to have to bring his calorie intake up before long (I worry he's genuinely eating too little) but a head-start on hibernation metabolism is a good thing. And our grocery bill is a bit more reasonable nowadays.

We hit kind of bad-food-low in the early summer this year (Banquet fried chicken, too much French bread and fancy cheese, liberal dessert consumption, and MCDONALDS for Pete's sake), and can feel good about increasing the amount of Healthy Stuff being consumed by our kid. Though I'm still worried he's not getting enough greens. He has a decidedly unhealthy affection for hot dogs and breakfast sausages (last week he appeared in the kitchen at an odd time of day with an empty snack bowl, and announced "Guys, I think I need some sausages.") Tonight he snacked on carrots and cheddar cheese chunks, decided he wasn't hungry at dinner time, then ate nearly a bowl of plain popcorn on his own before bed. He drinks lots of milk too (1%). But we have to visit the dentist for the first time next month, and I'm sort of dreading the outcome. Thank goodness he likes his vitamins.

I've really got to ease up on the coffee, though. Coffee-dependency has skyrocketed since I started the diet. *sigh*


Jim said...

9 pounds in 2 weeks ... that's very good. Congratulations and best wishes.

Anonymous said...


Still in London. Just wanted to congratulate you on the weight loss.
If you got the time I'll happily give you five of my pounds to work off.
What's five pounds of fat between friends?


Jennifer S. said...

Thanks very much Jim. Encouragement appreciated!