Monday, September 15, 2008

just a number

Twenty-three hours and twenty-one minutes later... a full moon lights up the yard and the temperature is gradually warming. It's been an interesting day; the theme of this day has perhaps been the relative unimportance of a birthday.

Some people whom I thought sure would remember did not; some friends (old and new) from whom I expected nothing turned out to be my biggest well-wishers. My best pal got fired from her job today, though, and didn't feel like celebrating tonight for obvious reasons -- I missed her, though I was able to stop by her home and spend a little time there. While my husband sort of fluffed the date this morning, he and my son gave me a lovely reception this evening, and I really enjoyed their company. My son and I baked brownies, my husband cooked for me from my book of diet recipes, and the two had worked together on a card for me. C.L. took me to lunch and let me choose three pair of earrings from a number of her own creations, meaningful gifts. At the same time, it was a busy day for the food shelf at work. Other people's troubles were pronounced today. I could be thankful for the relative calm of my own household. I bent my diet out of whack, but I'd told myself not to go overboard with self-denial today. I don't feel all grumpy about a few folks forgetting the date. (I am not always so hot at remembering the birthdays of others, as some of you know.) I got a bit of exercise on my bike, and in all, there was a lot to be thankful for.

In twenty minutes it will be done, this day. There's a lot yet to accomplish this week. 29-year-old piano teacher acted surprised by the number, and I'm vain enough to appreciate that. But there again -- her father was just diagnosed with prostate cancer. He faces surgery soon, and we hope he comes through well -- he's only 60.

Ron's mom, still recovering from her strokes, called to apologize for not getting my card in the mail on time -- a first for her. She still sounds a little drunk when she speaks, and she tires easily. This is her second serious health event in ten years, and she in her mid-sixties --

in all, it's been a day to reflect.
12 more minutes...

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