Wednesday, September 3, 2008


At the LaQuinta Inn in Plano TX, my king sized bed had seven -- 7!! -- wonderful fluffy pillows. Perfect pillows, exactly half way between firm and squishy; enough of them that a person (such as myself) can build a sleeping-late nest of really truly satisfying scale. I'm tall, with a bad back, so beds are generally just adequate for me -- and sharing a bed means never really stretching out. And if you can't get comfortable anyway, why try to squeeze in three or more extra pillows, thereby putting your partner out? (I've endured the pouty comments about my desire to snuggle the pillows versus my husband, and the thing is, people are too bumpy. And noisy. To sleep on.) Here at midnight in my hard chair, hunched over the ol' laptop, I yearn for the pillows of LaQuinta. Who knew I'd have to fly to Texas to find the good-night's-sleep equivalent of true love.

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