Sunday, September 21, 2008

a prayer list

Here it's been nearly a week without a new post. A lot can happen in a short time.

Friends and Family: My best friend has lost her job AND will soon lose her apartment, this having officially been declared the Worst Year of Her Life. We're working on plans to get things back on track, and if any of you pray, please consider the plight of a single girl in this economy -- and let me know if a good job in medical administration or office management or catering pops up out there. Another good friend and co-worker is undergoing extensive tests to determine the cause of sudden unexplained weight loss over the past year -- more cause to pray, plus her boyfriend is in danger of losing a leg due to diabetes and a bad bone break last winter, Lordy. (Meanwhile her 18 year old daughter is expecting her first child in November.) My mom has been diagnosed with diabetes, the kind they can medicate with pills thankfully but the lifestyle changes she needs to make are daunting to a woman her age. My mom-in-law is still recovering from multiple strokes, and seems to be doing well, though she can't drive yet and she's cursing her doctors something fierce. Please pray for these folks, as I love them, and keep my husband and son in your good thoughts as well. (We're doing alright, but it's an uncertain world we live in.)

Politics: Sadly, there's no YouTube upload yet of Ben Stein's comments on CBS Sunday Morning today. Stein, who I don't always care for, takes to the task the blatant greed on our dergulated and lawless Wall Street -- "We've come to the brink of apocolypse this week" says Stein, and while the fed has to bail them all out, we'll be paying for this into third generations -- and those bastards on Wall Street still walk away rich. Stein had lightning bolts shooting out of his eyes, wish you'd seen it. "Big Business needs to be overseen by a Big Government," said a famous Republican once upon a time. Doing well in spite of all this, are you? Still think you're in it but not of it? Think again before you vote, all you nice people out there. Pray for the innocent victims of the tide of economic marginalization.

Something else to meditate on while you're at it: What would you look for in a church, assuming you wanted one?

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