Tuesday, February 26, 2008

bead break

Taking a little break from beading, long enough to post this little item -- it's just a tiny piece, maybe one twenty-fourth of the whole work. I get to do the beading now, unlike the rest of the piece which has to wait until backing and quilting has been added; because this item and its companion are sewed onto the piece after those steps are completed. And I can't add the backing and quilting until the collage of fabric is completed --- so I won't get to embellish and finish the work for a while yet, and it's a pleasing diversion to focus on something different, something with a much nearer "completion" date.
Chillon asked at lunch Friday why I'm blogging about work in progress. I recalled an article in one of my magazines about it -- an enthusiastic quilt artist and writer expressing her joys and sorrows over the work, getting feedback from all sorts of people, feeling connected to others in the process. In addition, I like the objectification break it offers me -- a way of getting distance from the piece, to make judgements about it and examine its formal issues. Plus, in my impatience to be done with things always and starting something new, it's a placebo -- a way of showing off before I'm finished, as if I were completed and totally pleased. Lets off steam.
Chillon had lots of terrific, insightful, enthusiastic and soulful things to say over lunch. I'm so impressed with her. I should find the link for her website, and post it. She has great shows coming up, plus a commission for the high priest of St. Paul's Cathedral in the works. Wow.

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