Friday, February 22, 2008

shop or sew?

Another precious day off tomorrow. I sit here biting my cuticles, wondering how much I should attempt with my schedule. I have an eye appointment first thing in the morning, and a lunch date with Chillon at Noon. I also have to stop at the TMobile store and buy a damned charger, plus a spare battery methinks, because I've stupidly misplaced my cell phone charger and ran down my battery almost to nil. (I think CP took it to Anaheim with him, but have no proof other than his tongue-in-cheek confession.)

The thing is, there's a fabric shop in St. Paul that I'm desperate to visit. And from the Middle Eastern place on campus, where I'll meet Chillon, it's a quick bus trip. I could lunch as late as 2pm and still be there by 2:30. Problem is, I'll need at least an hour to look around; and that doesn't put me back in Northeast until 5pm, with the bussing. Ron wants to get groceries tomorrow, and he knows I'm off -- he'll want to get there before the Friday rush.

Chillon might drop me off, but I don't know if she'll want to hang around and I'd feel self-conscious about it. Wouldn't save a lot of time anyhow. Ron might be willing to pick me up, but it will depend entirely on his mood when I ask him. If he plans to be back in town by 3:30 or 4pm, I might not be able to squeeze it in. But going on a day off is the best option -- NO ONE (or at least, no one I've had any personal contact with) wants to go fabric shopping with the HUSBAND. Let alone the 4 year old. Sigh. Cause they sure don't want to be there.

So, the smarter plan might be to come home right after lunch; and potentially grab an hour of sewing time before the guys get home. But that indefinitely postpones the fabric store, again. It's not an unreasonable thing -- I don't NEED any new embellishments, fancy films or gadgets. It would be wholly satisfying just to sew. I'll have to work in the office on Saturday morning, and the rest of the weekend will fall to laundry and cleaning and entertaining my son plus whomever appears for dinner this weekend. Time in the sewing room is always hard to come by during daylight hours.

But then when....? If my eye appointment runs long I won't have time to grab the charger downtown before catching the bus to campus -- and I'll have to get it on the way back. That means cutting out of lunch before 2pm, if I want to sew at all. Of course, Chillon may only have a brief window herself tomorrow. But....the sensible thing really is to head Northeast after lunch.


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