Monday, March 9, 2009

Another late-late night, with sleeping patterns somewhat marred by the spring forward and a longish nap taken with my child this afternoon. They say well rested children rest well, but my little napper refused to get to sleep until nearly 11:30pm. He doesn't tend to nap anymore, even though he frequently needs it (in my opinion), but tonight's restlessness is the downside. So I dozed off and on beside him, between 9pm and the time his breathing finally grew deep. And now I'm awake -- the Sunday night wakefulness, an especially cursed kind since few contacts check in and few of the blogs I follow have been updated.

Had a pleasant evening celebrating C's birthday with a few girlfriends at the Wilde Roast, a coffee shop/restaurant/wine bar that might be the only hoppin' place around Northeast on a Sunday night. Generous, extra rich desserts, a nice wine list, a roomful of interesting people... when it first opened there was a gay bookstore attached, which has since gone under (they use the space for added seating now.) It's altogether enjoyable, and busy much of the time. The decor is sort of "off" (and the artwork often typical amateur coffee-shop stuff) but the staff are always terrific.

The home life has been dominated by not-sleeping activities tonight, though, and I suppose I should give it another go instead of pining away for social contact at this hour. Once upon a time, 1am was not an unreasonable time to be hanging out regardless of the day to come. Not so much, now, which is a social situation rather than a physical necessity for me. My husband doesn't get this, and is generally frustrated with the amount of time I spend on the 'Net. But many of my friends online are my age, my circumstances.

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